17.08: Minor Update: optimization, minor features and bug fixes

We wanted to let you know that you should have the latest version of the game and Steam to play Multiplayer of Half Dead. Also some providers can block our servers so if you have an Error “Your version of the game is outdated” try to use VPN. For instance, this site: http://www.evergreenvpn.com/
– Several colors of the mini map marks (Feature to mark the dangerous rooms on the mini map) 1st click – orange, 2nd click – red, 3rd click – green.
– Feature to zoom out/in full-screen map in the game
– Optimization of the timers and voting of the Multiplayer.
– Bug fix of the Multiplayer button in the Main Menu
– Bug fix: Left mouse click could be assigned to any control
– Bug fix: Full screen map is not available when Game Over
– Bug fix: The character is not moving when Chat or In-Game menu is open
– Bug fix: Arrow image is sharp on all quality settings
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