30.07 Release Update: 20 variations of the 16 new traps

Hello, everyone!

The game has been released! Here is the Release Update:

– More than 20 variations of the 16 new traps. There are 50 variations of 30 traps in total in the game.
– 3 new characters
– Animations are improved
– 2 new NPC: Chainsaw guy and bomber man
– Picking up of boots of the dead players and NPC
– “One winner” mode
– Time limit feature
– Full controller support
– Interface navigation system is complete (It is turn on when controller is connected)
– Default X-box 360 and X-box One controllers configurations
– New control assignment system. (Your saved control configuration will be reseted after this update)
– The bloom settings was changed (its intensivity was decreased) Also you can turn it off.
– Feature to mark the dangerous rooms on the minimap (“O” by default)
– Voting in the in-game menu. You can kick players, vote to restart or to return in lobby
– Mouse sensitivity limit is increased
– Short descriptions of the modes in the “Create lobby” window
– User interface improvements
– Credits in the Main Menu
– A new hint in the splash screen
– Settings of the lobby have 7×7 size of the map and medium difficulty level by default
– “Half dead” title in the Main Menu
– Multiplayer settings bug fix (player name and character)
– A fix of the sound of the “Start” button in the lobby
– Localization of the new features. Thanks to guys who did the new translations.

We hope you will like the new traps and features!

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