26.04 Major Update ver. 0.18: a new trap, NPCs

Hi there

Here is the new Update.

The main changes:
– 2 turbine trap variations
– New light and bloom system
– The boots could be destroyed by the traps
– NPCs in the rooms of the construction
– Some animation fixes
– User interface improvements
– 7 new languages

Special thanks to these guys for translating the game to other languages:

Italian: Jackwiper
Portuguese: Diogo Barbosa
Brazilian Portuguese: Diogo Barbosa
Swedish: Felix Hindemo
Croatian: Marino Ljubetić
Greek: George Georgiou (George80s4ever)
Finnish: Tom Heinola

The full list of supported languages you can find in the Store page

Minor improvements and bug fixes:

– You can put space, point, etc. in the lobby name.
– Mouse sensitivity is increased
– 800×600 resolution was added
– “Time is over” bug fix
– Logo resolution bug fix
– Other minor bug fixes

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