07.02 Update ver. 0.12: The new game mode and 3 new traps

Hello everyone,

Here are some new changes:

– Optimized Multiplayer
– 7 new Languages. (You can change language in the Main menu: Settings -> General Settings ->Languages)
– User interface improvements
– Minor bug fixes

We would like to thank the people who participated in the localization of the game (listed below)! And all of you who offered your help!

Czech: David Konvičný
German: Johannes Kersten x-Warsheep-x(GER), Maximilian Mietzelfeldt
Spanish: muerteh650, Esteban Rodriguez
French: Corsaire
Dutch: Robbin Dekker
Danish: Christoffer Madsen
Polish: Marcin Stanisławski
Japanese: bo2n1185

This request is still valid. If you want to help us to translate the game to other languages contact us at: room710games@gmail.com

We’re sure there will be fans of “Half Dead” who will appreciate your work!